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With Dental Finance, you can grow your practice and improve your cashflow. If treatment costs are holding your patients back, Dental Finance is the way forward. It allows you to offer your patients a choice of simple finance plans to spread the cost of their payments. They get the treatment that will improve their lives and you get the security of knowing that the treatment is paid for.

Meet Rita

Rita’s cosmetic dentistry procedure is £2,200. It will change her life, but she doesn’t want to use her rainy-day savings pot to pay for it. She says she’ll leave it for now unless there’s an alternative way of doing it.

Luckily for Rita, there is, because you are partnered with Dental Finance.

Rita chooses a payment plan over 3 years and gets the treatment for just £70 per month*. She builds it into her budget, keeps her savings intact and – most importantly – gets the treatment, which improves her life immediately.

You get paid, you get the satisfaction of doing the job you came into the profession to do, and you get a happy ambassador for your practice.

Ready to watch your profits grow ?

A flexible application to suit your team’s needs.

Complete the simple application in clinic and have an instant decision or send the options via SMS and email to patient.

Our flexible application process will suit your business needs.

10 good reasons to choose Dental Finance

We have the systems, we have the experience, and we have access to the finance. But more than that, we have your success at the heart of everything we do.


  1. Finance: So you can offer a choice of payment options, from short-term 0% plans to longer-term, interest-bearing plans. No other medical finance company offers this flexibility!
  2. Systems built around you: Every practice is different; you get what you need, not what we have, and it’s presented to the patient under your logo
  3. Easier for your team: Let’s talk to your receptionists and make it work for them
  4. Simple for your patients: Which means more treatments and new patients
  5. Secure and dependable: We are backed by Chrysalis Finance, the UK’s most successful payment solutions company.
  6. At your side: We build relationships and we grow with you, meeting your needs as they change
  7. Expert support: Your Dental Finance account manager arranges team training, provides marketing and compliance support and helps you identify opportunities to increase sales
  8. Ahead of the market: Always looking for better solutions so you can attract new patients who expect you to be up to date with their world
  9. Ethical and fully compliant: We provide ethical lending solutions and our owner, Chrysalis Finance is the only organisation in the UK able to provide a comprehensive, fully compliant, consumer credit processing
  10. Trusted by practitioners: Over 3,000 UK dentists and medical practitioners are reaping the benefits, making us the No.1 patient finance provider on the UK

Simple setup

Switching from your existing funding option provider is quick, simple and beneficial for your practice.


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Expert support

Our team will be able to help you identify opportunities to increase sales, you can enjoy team training, marketing and compliance support.


Enjoy increased business

Start offering payment plans and see how many extra patients you can unlock.

Treatment never been so accessible.


Dental Practice Manager

We have been offering Chrysalis finance to our patients for some time now and have always been happy with the service provided by the team. Friendly staff are always at the end of the phone whenever we have any questions, Andy, in particular, has been a great help and nothing is ever too much of an ask. 


Dental Practice Owner

” We are constantly delighted and encouraged by hearing from our patients how our treatments have changed their lives. Thanks to dental finance our patients can afford to transform their smiles and be confident with their appearances. I was very pleased with Andy Thomas help and provided service.


Dental Practice Business Development

“It is so easy to use and haven’t had any problems.

Vikki Ruscoe is amazing! She is always there if and when you need her and I know I can depend on her if I ever need anything!”


Medical Consultant

Vikki Ruscoe has made working with Chrysalis an absolute dream. There is nothing she can not answer and will always go above and beyond. Not only me but our whole team would like to say a huge thank you for everything you have done.”

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