partnerWhen we originally set up the Partner area of our website, it was designed to provide a location for information that was useful for affiliated Practices but that we might not want patients or non-affiliated practices to have access.

Over the years our Business has developed, and the information that was in that area has been made available in other ways.

As a consequence the area is being used less frequently.

We have therefore taken the decision to remove the Partner Area from our website with effect from 7th December 2017.

The key items within the area that you may have been using are readily accessible in the following ways:

  • Online Patient Application Form – this has been available for some time by using the following link and has been recently updated so we can identify whether the application has been submitted from within the Practice or remotely by the Patient.

  • Payment Options Calculator – we currently have two types of finance option calculators in use. The first forms part of our Payment Options Application form that is distributed to every Practice. The second is an online calculator that can be accessed from your PC or accessed via a link that can be added to your website. Both have the benefit of a link to the online application form.

    Should you require an up to date calculator of either type and we can get it emailed to you.

  • Lender Rates Charts – these are distributed directly to all Practices when the Agency is set up, and whenever the Lenders make changes to the Rates available.
If you have any queries or require further information, please email us or call us on 03452 591091.