calculatorApplication Processing — other options

At Dental Finance, we have always given Practices the option to process finance applications in the way that best suits them and their Patients.

Many Practices still prefer the ‘tried and trusted’ option of arranging for their patients to complete a paper application within the practice which is then scanned/faxed to us for processing.

However, to reduce the amount of email traffic between ourselves and practices we have also introduced:

  • The ability to submit applications via a secure on-line link thus eliminating the need to email handwritten application forms to us. 

  • The ability for the patient to e-sign agreements via the lender’s processing system thus eliminating to toing and froing of agreements. This also eradicates any problems / delays attributable to incorrectly signed / poor quality agreements.

  • The two options above can also be combined giving patients the ability to complete an application on-line at home and / or e-sign the agreement at home – with the practice having access to the lender’s processing system to monitor progress.

We will be contacting all practices in respect of these options in the New Year but if you want to get going ‘sooner rather than later’ or would like more information then just call us or click on this link – Application Processing Information Request to send us an email.