Maximise treatment uptake with Dental Finance?

Can you afford to let patients walk out the door without taking up the dental treatment plan?

Many businesses have lost sales because their customers felt they could not afford to buy what they wanted. Private dentistry is no different.

In recent years, the combination of the increasing range of dental treatments and the media raising awareness of the advantages and desirability of a ‘better smile’ has led to many more people wanting to benefit from the wide range of dental treatments available. Being able to offer dental finance is a proven approach for consumer-driven businesses to maximise their sales.

Dental Finance is the easy, cost-effective way to offer your patients monthly payment options that make the cost of the dental treatment they want affordable.

At Dental Finance we have been specialising in providing finance within the dental sector for more than 15 years and currently, work with several hundred dental practices.

We can offer a wide range of interest-free and low-cost interest options to enable you to increase your turnover and profitability and improve your cash flow.

Unlike many finance intermediaries, we don’t tell you how you must process finance applications, we offer a variety of processing methods ranging from paper application forms sent to us for processing, to completely electronic online – e-signature options. We will always discuss which you prefer for your practice and your Patients. 

Nor do we tie you into any contracts with long cancellation notice or penalty periods. If you don’t like the services that we provide you are free to move at any time. 

When you choose Dental Finance as your financial intermediary, we will provide training within the practice and ongoing support aimed at ensuring that your practice is comfortable with the finance process, as well as leaflets and posters for use within the practice to assist in introducing the concept to your patients. 

The only cost is a deduction of a few per cent paid to the lender and known as a subsidy, for any 0% and low-cost finance agreements that are paid out. 

As such, at Dental Finance, any services we provide to our supporting practices are completely free of charge, these include:

  • In-house Training
  • Marketing materials – Leaflets, posters and a calculator for your web-site
  • On-going office support
  • Access to Chrysalis Fiance Portal 

We believe the finance products we provide you access to and the services we provide would make Dental Finance a great value for money service even if we charged for it – but it’s even better than that because we don’t!


Need to get your team up and running, or maybe new staff need retraining? We can provide you bespoke training.


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If you would like any other type of guidance or help, please get in touch with our support team and they will be happy to help you out.

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